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Neil's Homepage

Thanks for visiting my fairly simple website. I don't have the time to jazz it up. My motto is the simpler the better and it also downloads real fast ! The background photo is me - taken in June 2000

A bit about me. Well as you may already know I'm 29 born on the 12th May 1971. Some of my interests in life are meeting interesting, funny, happy people, the internet, computing, cars, and travelling abroad. Visited Orlando, on my own unfortunately, in February 2000, and was lucky to see the Space Shuttle take off on her mission STS 99 (Space Transportation System 99). Met a special friend off mine call Michael Schembri, a lovely friendly Australian guy, at Newark Airport. Another great friend of mine is Philip Hewson. He is a really sweet guy. His home page is at

I live not far from Portsmouth on the south coast of England in the county of Hampshire. I don't yet have my own place, which is driving me somewhat crazy, just a little bit, nothing major though. You know, I would love a place I could call my own, but the price of houses has gone through the roof.

I love all foods, especially French and Italian food. I love my cups of tea and occasionally drink coffee. I generally drive when I go out so don't often get drunk. My favourite alcoholic drinks are Smirnoff Ice, Champagne, Pepsi Max and when clubbing wildly, just loads of bottles of water.

When Babylon 5 was on TV I made sure I watched the program and I like South Park, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, all the James Bond films, Deep Space Nine and Voyager. I really like the episodes with loads of special effects and battle sequences. The Vorlon Empire stills rules, though some of you trekkies may think different about this one.

I am a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE), which basically means I know a fair bit about the operation of computers.

My musical tastes are very, very varied. There is hardly any music I won't listen to but currently I listen to Madonna (her new music track obtained from, where I download loads of MP3's. Have to install the Napster software first though. Also listen to Pet Shop Boys, Erasure, Vengaboys, William Orbit, The Human League, Shania Twain and Depeche Mode, along with just about any other good sounding pop tracks in the charts.

You can contact me by email at (that's neil then four 7's)